Recording Tips

The Virtual Orchestra For Palestine (PALVO)

  • Microphone Distance:
    • For loud sections, try to move farther away from the microphone.
    • For quiet sections, try to move closer to the mic.
  • Popping and Sibilance:
    • Adjustments your angle and distance from the recorder to avoid popping and sibilant sounds
      Time your breathing, add some marks where breathing sounds natural.
  • Breathing:
    • Time your breaths and add some marks where you want the breathing to stay and it sounds natural.
  • Microphone Choice:
    • Take the time to do your research and find out which type of mic would be optimal for your instrument. Try to get the highest quality microphone you can.
  • Ambient Noise:
    • Turn off fans, washing machines, and other devices that contribute to background noise.
    • Keep the recorder away from your computer when it is on and its fan is running.
    • Cover the floor with rugs to dampen the sound coming from neighbors.
    • Objects like drapes, towels, books, linens, etc. act as natural insulators if you place them up against walls through which sound is coming.